thumbPlate Burning

AMP is the premier provider of steel plate burning services.  AMP craftsmen produce most any shape from plates and sections.


Light Machining

AMP provides light machining services such as drilling, tapping, countersinking and counterboring.  Machining is performed in a single set-up in concert with plate burning operations.


Plate Rolling

AMP rolling machines enables us to roll plate into shells for tanks, rings, cones and repads.  These rolled products can be fabricated from our own plate inventory or from customer supplied material.


AMP ASME certified technicians perform structural steel and stainless steel welding.  We ensure the most up-to-date technology so that our welders can produce precise welds on all your parts.


Pipe and Vessel Profiling

AMP will have pipe and vessel profile cutting. With the latest CNC technology, our new pipe profiling line can cut beveled inlet holes that are ready to weld.  Capacities for pipe, tube and vessels will be up to 60” OD x 480” L.  AMP will be able to eliminate customer layout time and have product ready for welding.


Structural Profiling

AMP can process structural steel shapes up to 48” width and 720” length, including the ability to saw cut, drill, profile cut and bevel all in one process. Our capabilities will include beam, channel and square tube making any end profile shape a possibility by using a 5-axis robotic torch (oxy-fuel or plasma).