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The metal cutting band mill machine is one of the most versatile of the basic machine tools in use today, handling a broad variety of operations ranging from one-or-two-of-a-kind utility cut-off to complicated part runs. In addition to normal plate sawing, they can be used as extensions of our segmenting, notching and shaping capabilities as well as cutting larger blocks, rings and forgings.


pc_pop1Production Cutoff

The Metal Cutting Specialists Production Department is equipped with CNC bandsaws employing Carbide Blades for improved accuracy, fast turnaround and lower cost. We utilize a full line of N-C controlled bandsaws for better accuracy and high volume. Metal Cutting Specialists can bandsaw bar stock or extrusions from quantities of 1 to over 100,000 pieces. We ship parts on pallets that are safe and easy to handle, eliminating the need of handling large and heavy parts in your plant.


lp_pop5Large Parts

Metal Cutting Specialists is the expert in large part sawing. MCS continually invests in the latest cutting technology available and utilizes heavy-duty band saws in sizes ranging up to 81” capacity. MCS can cut any type of steel, from carbon to inconel. We are also able to use large capacity plate saws in our segmenting, notching and shaping capabilities as well as cutting larger blocks, rings and forgings.


Pipe & Vessel Profiling

Metal Cutting Specialists now offers pipe and vessel profile cutting. With the latest CNC technology, our new pipe profiling line can cut beveled inlet holes that are ready to weld.  Capacities for pipe, tube and vessels will be up to 60” OD x 480” L. Metal Cutting Specialists will be able to eliminate customer layout time.


Structural & Beam Profiling

Metal Cutting Specialists can process structural steel shapes up to 48” width, including the ability to saw cut, drill, profile cut and bevel all in one process.  Our capabilities will include beam, angle and square tube making any end profile shape a possibility by using a 5-axis robotic torch (oxy-fuel or plasma).

plsaw_pop1Plate Sawing

Metal Cutting Specialists’ Plate Saws offer high volume, close tolerances and large capacity. MCS has heavy-duty Plate saws in sizes ranging to 81” and 30’ of travel capacity to cut any type of steel. Pictured on the left is one of the largest capacity band saws in America with an 81” work height capacity and 81” throat.



Waterjets can be used to profitably machine virtually any material. Designed to compliment or replace milling, laser, wire EDM and fine plasma, our waterjet equipment will take you from drawing to finished part quickly and successfully.